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Advertising videos/ Product videos

To comprehensively showcase Your product or promote your brand these days, we need more than just pictures. In recent times, a great marketing and sales tool are short video ads - which in the form of a film show the use of a product. At Snapshot Studio we comprehensively deal with the creation of such an advertisement from consultation with the client and the brief to the final result, which is a short, processed video delivered straight to your hands!

Based on years of experience, with the use of professional equipment, we are able to provide unique video materials that not only catch the attention of the potential customer, but also show in detail the product and its applications in practice. 

We approach each project individually and try in detail to realize the vision of each Client. You can judge our effects for yourself below.

A promotional video is a type of advertising that uses a video format to communicate information about a product or service. It can be a short film, animation or recording that demonstrates a product or service's features, its use or other important information that encourages viewers to buy. Promotional videos can be used across a number of marketing channels, such as websites, social media, television, cinemas and more. They can be created in a variety of shapes and styles to suit business needs and preferences. Good promotional videos are usually short, interesting and eye-catching, but they are also clear and specific about the product or service. Depending on the company's marketing strategy, they can also be humorous or emotional.

Promotional videos are one of the most effective ways to reach customers and capture their attention. Thanks to video, companies can present their products or services in an interesting and attractive way, show their advantages and arouse the interest of potential Consumers. An important feature of promotional videos is their availability on various platforms and devices. Advertising videos can be easily shared online, reaching a wider audience at different times and places. Above all, well-planned promotional videos must match the company's objectives and marketing strategy. They must be tailored to the target audience and their content and form must meet the needs and expectations of the audience. They can also build the company's image and increase brand awareness. They can communicate the company's values and mission, show its commitment to important social or environmental issues, and create an emotional connection with customers.

The advantages of advertising are:

  • Attention-getting effectiveness: Advertising videos have a high attention-getting potential because they can be used to present information about a product or service in an interesting and attractive way. 
  • Conversion rate: Promotional videos effectively communicate information about a product or service and encourage potential Consumers to purchase, resulting in higher conversion rates. 
  • Multi-platform: can be easily shared across different platforms such as websites, social media, TV shows and films to reach a wider audience. 
  • Branding: Promotional videos can be used to build a company's image and create brand awareness by communicating values, mission and commitment to important social or environmental issues. 
  • Emotional audience engagement: Promotional videos can create an emotional connection with the audience through humour, emotion or other means, thereby attracting attention and influencing positive brand perceptions.

Pricing for promotional videos depends on several factors, such as:

  • Video length: Video length is one of the most important factors influencing the price of advertising. Shorter videos tend to be cheaper than longer videos.
  • Video quality: Higher video quality can increase production costs because it requires a better camera, lighting and other tools.
  • Complexity of the script: More complex scripts require more time and therefore longer production times, which increases costs.
  • The placement of the ad: i.e. where it is shown can affect the price. An ad on a popular TV show is usually more expensive than an ad on a less popular station.
  • Producer experience: The price of an advert can also depend on the experience and skills of the producer. An experienced producer may offer a higher quality service, but also higher prices.

Depending on these factors, the cost of producing and distributing an advert can range from several hundred to several thousand PLN. However, it is worth remembering that an investment in advertising can pay off handsomely with good planning and distribution.
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