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Answers to frequently asked questions
cooperation and implementation of product and advertising photos

(The following information is valid only if not otherwise agreed)

What is the price of one product photo - Packshot?
There is a price of 5 EUR or 10 EUR in the price list but my order was priced differently, why?

We approach the valuation of each order individually and the amounts given in the price list are indicative. The final price quote for each type of photo includes various factors, such as:
• How meny  of products to be photographed in one batch delivered to us and how meny of shots to be taken for each of the products. For more photos / shots for the product - the price for each photo is more attractive
• Type of material / coating - the products are made of (plastic, metal, glass, fabric, leather) - each material requires appropriate preparation (ironing, smoothing)
• Purpose / operation of photos (Internet, Print) - it involves the appropriate selection of resolution for photos and dedicated retouching - in the case of printing, graphic processing is more precise, advanced and time-consuming. Standard resolution for WEB is 2600px, for printing 3600px or 4500px.
• Order processing time - also affects the price - standard order processing time is about 3 - 10 business days, but it is also possible to order a session with express service for an additional fee (determined individually) - where the implementation takes 48 hours or even 24 hours.

Valuations are always given in net amounts and the current tax should be added to them.

The minimum order is 200 EUR. Below this amount, there is a "studio" surcharge in the amount of 50 EUR- for small-size products and 75 EUR for large-size products.

What is the difference between the Economy and Premium packages?

For each valuation - we offer our clients two price options: Economy and Premium. The variants differ mainly in the method of preparing the photo and the subsequent post-production process. What exactly is the difference between the two packages?

• The Economy variant differs from the Premium variant mainly in the level of complexity of computer retouching. As the name suggests - the economic package is associated with basic computer processing, while the premium package with an advanced photo post-production process (the so-called high end retouch).
• Przygotowanie produktu do sesji: w obu wariantach produkty są przygotowywane do sesji z należytą dbałością i profesjonalizmem. W wariancie premium dodatkowo czyścimy i wygładzamy materiał produktów.
• Equipment, with which the photos are taken: We always take photos for the premium package on high-quality equipment Canon , model 5D mark IV
• Save files: Economic standard photos - are mainly used for the Internet (online stores, auction portals such as Allegro / Amazon / Ebay) - where high resolution is not required.

Does everyone have the option to take a free trial photo?

Of course, the free trial session is non-binding and available to every customer. The session consists in taking a product photo: Packshot, Ghost or jewelry - for one of the products in order to present a high-quality service and the possibility of setting certain standards, such as choosing the right perspective for the product or indicating the level of retouching advancement. In case of resignation from the service at this stage - you do not bear any costs. If cooperation is established and the order in question is implemented, the photo taken during the trial session is subject to the standard purchase according to the quotation provided.

The trial session is available for product photos, jewelery photos and photos of clothing on an invisible ghost mannequin. We do not make free trial photos for arranged (advertising), culinary, business, architecture and model photos.

More information on our free trial session is available at the link below.

How and where can I deliver the products?

Products can be delivered to our photo studio in two ways:

• Send us the package via a courier company;
• Give them personally;

In both cases - the products must be delivered to the address: Snapshot Studio Sp. z o.o, Rybnik 1 maja 57

It is also possible for us to personally pick up products from you - conditions are set individually.

If possible, the products should be delivered to us in the form in which they will be photographed (folded, twisted, etc.). If the product requires additional work (assembly, cleaning, ironing) - please inform about it before starting the order.

The products should be in an appropriate packaging enabling easy storage, e.g. original / replacement cardboard box,

Is it possible to take photos outside the Studio?

We get to customers from the area of Rybnik, Silesia province, and the whole Poland and Europe.

For the purposes of the outdoor session, it is possible to rent an individual space for photos (premises, hotel, apartment, etc.).

Depending on the distance, the cost of transporting and operating the equipment may vary from 150 EUR (this cost is always determined individually before the start of the order).

As a standard, away sessions are held from Monday to Friday during our working hours (8:00 - 16:00).
In exceptional cases, it is possible to organize evening / night sessions, as well as on Saturday - for an additional fee, which is determined individually.

In what form are realized advertising photos transferred?

All commercial photos taken by us - depending on their purpose, photos are sent in specific resolutions, in JPG, PNG or TIFF format

• RGB (for WEB) - these are photos with a longer side size of 2600 px - for use in virtual space: websites and online stores, sales auctions (Allegro, Amazon, Ebay), social networks (Facebook, Instagram) with a resolution of 96dpi

• Files without an embedded color profile - these are photos with the size of the longer side min. 3000 px (but not more than 6500 px) for use in printing and large format printing. The standard resolution of photos for printing is 300dpi.

What's the time of realisation ?

The standard time for commercial photos is from 3 to 10 business days - depending on the type (size) of the order and the number of photos to be taken. The order completion date is determined individually - taking into account the guidelines provided by the client. The implementation is counted in working days from Monday to Friday.

In special cases, it is possible to execute the order in an accelerated manner. Depending on the client's needs - we execute orders quickly up to 48 hours and express up to 24 hours.

Are the received advertising photos my property? How and where can I use them?

For all commercial photos we take - we issue an Original License, which confirms their purchase and confirms the full right to use them in various fields of use -  to promote the product in advertising materials, in social media or on the website. The taken advertising photos may also be shared with another person  (but cannot be resold). Our License can also be used as a legal basis for resolving legal issues - stolen photos - to prove ownership in court. The photos can be used by the customer after paying the VAT invoice.

How does the return of the products look like?

The products are made available for return after paying the invoice (they are stored in the warehouse for the duration of the order). Products may be returned on the following terms:

• Personal pickup
• Ordering a courier by the recipient
• Courier order by our compay – the standard cost is 10 EURnet for a package up to 30 kg (above - the cost is determined individually).. 

If the cost of the order exceeds 300 EUR- the return shipment for a single package is free (this does not apply to foreign shipments).
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